Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What is PSSD?

PSSD or Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction is permanent sexual damage from psychiatric medications that include permanent disturbing genital numbness and a lack of the sexual arousal response that continues after stopping the medication. It affects all ages.

This Is a well made presentation with a good explanation of how it feels

This is my experience of this government sterilization programme sexually disabling me at 21 years old

Steralizing the Mentally ill

Due to the personal and secretive nature of this hideous crime one rare study has now reported that anywhere over half or 60% of mental health (medicated) patients could be experiencing sexual side effects (Ref. 2010 US National Library Of Medicine and RT news). Highlighting an alarming secret of under-reported sexual side effects (Radio New Zealand). God knows how many people must have ended their lives from this secretive harm on the mentally ill.

The Wikipedia PSSD page was removed and banned by Wikipedia from pressure by pharmaceutical interests.

A yahoo group of PSSD has over 3800+ registered members.

Many other accounts are scattered all over the internet and it's forums including a pssdforum and personal well written accounts like buried alive and youtube videos. The Doctors apparently supporting the mentally ill do not acknowledge permanent damages in patients brave enough to expose their raped sexuality (assuming they know) and have known to come up with elaborate stories like.

I personally suffered alone with this downright evil crime for 5 years before I even was able to find the term PSSD.

Please help and fight in the memory of those that have lost their lives to this shameful sterilization programme by adding your account to this list of detailed written accounts. Or quickly, easily and discreetly make a private youtube channel and a text video, or even a blog.

This is what they think of us

In our clinics no data is collated or collected. except the cold hard prescripticide cash