Tuesday, 19 September 2017

a PSSD Interview with James from the USA

*PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) is irreversible sexual disfigurement caused by psychiatric drugs. Genital numbness and loss of arousal; or sexual dysfunction.

The same drugs are used to chemically castrate sex offenders. But they are also given to children... by 'mental health'...

This is a PSSD interview with James aged 21 from USA, New York.

This is a transcripted interview.

Daryl: In your own words what is PSSD?

James: I would describe PSSD as the persistent damage caused by the previous exposure to SSRI drugs. This damage seems to have a huge impact on the parts of the brain that modulate sexual function, as well as pleasure, emotions and mental function.

Daryl: How did you come into contact with the doctor that prescribed the spoken antidepressant?

James: I had seen many doctors before. All of them had prescribed some kind of SSRI-benzo combo but I was too reluctant to try that. I met the doctor who prescribed the spoken antidepressant through a family friend. I was supposed to finally trust a "professional" and get the "proper treatment" I needed.

Daryl: How old were you?

James: I was 17 years old.

Daryl: Did the doctor prescribing this controlled drug explain to you the high likelihood of it causing Sexual Dysfunction?

James: No, in fact, although me and my family requested that I was prescribed something very "mild" because of my age, we were told that this drug was the mildest thing available and could only cause dry mouth at the worst.

Daryl: Did the doctor tell you they use the same drug to chemically castrate sex offenders?

James: Of course not.

Daryl: Did this doctor inform you that the Sexual Dysfunction alteration to your body may be permanent?

James: No, she hadn't even warned me of temporary sexual side effects.

Daryl: Did the leaflet small print mention irreversible sexual dysfunction?

James: No, it did not. Although it did mention sexual dysfunction as a side effect while taking it.

Daryl: When did you notice your genitals start to go numb?

James: 3 hours after i took the first dose.

Daryl: How scary was this experience?

James: Scary enough to make me call the doctor and wanting to stop taking the drug right away.

Daryl: At what point did you understand that your sexual function is not coming back?

James: Few weeks after I ceased the treatment and still had huge PSSD symptoms.

Daryl: What did your doctors say about this?

James: Neither the doctor who prescribed it to me, nor others that I visited accepted this. I was also told that I was psychotic by the first doctor and she tried to persuade my parents to have me hospitalized.

Daryl: Did any psychologist, counsellor, mental health worker or doctor or psychiatrist ever report this severe life altering adverse effect to any adverse effect report agency?

James: No. Although i have found 2 doctors who accept it, none of the has reported it to an agency as far as I know.

Daryl: How long were you on them for?

James: Only for 9 days.

Daryl: How did this affect your life at the time?

James: Very profoundly. I never had a sexual experience before, and it was right at the time when I first met my first girlfriend and started getting intimate with a female for the first time. Really ironic and soul raping experience.

Daryl: How has this affected your life?

James: Profoundly. Still to this day. I have lost huge amount of self worth. I have lost my motive to live and succeed in general. I'm mostly lost and don't feel like my self. It has made me a tough, mean, antisocial person and it as affected relationships with everyone and not just sexual relationships. I have only had relief from PSSD for a brief period of time. And still I'm one of the very lucky ones. During that time my quality of life was dramatically improved. However, unfortunately those improvements were not consistent, as PSSD is a very strange and persistent syndrome.

Daryl: Did you experience a drug withdrawal from the antidepressant?

James: Yep. But it lasted only for 2 days. It included insomnia, agitation and brain zaps.

Daryl: Have you received any compensation for being chemically castrated?

James: I cannot point out how important this question is. What I am being told when I express my suicidal ideation because of PSSD, is that there people out there who have it worse than me. I have huge respect for those people. However, when I see those people I see their families and loved ones forming a support network to make them feel good about themselves and help them adjust back to society. They have also some kind of government financial help, and centers or places where the get in touch with each other and having people help them to accept the situation and overcome the grief.

For PSSD sufferers, nothing of the above is valid. You are a handicapped person who has equal responsibilities with everyone else but you are deprived of the fundamental right to make love and feel intimate with others.

Daryl: What kind of alteration to your life has this brought to you? If you had to put a number from 0 to 10, 10 being the most something can.

James: I would put a 9 for the sake of being able to walk and take care of myself.

But I feel completely devastated and it is pretty certain that my life progress would be completely different had I stayed away from these drugs in the summer of '13.

When I had period of relief, it still affected my life to a point, due to the huge psychological trauma and PTSD I had from when I first developed it. I will never be exactly the same person I was before all this, even if the problem goes away completely, hopefully.

Daryl: I would describe the effect since (PSSD) as like it feels like a dead piece of meat now hanging down between my legs instead of a (living breathing) sexual organ like it did before. Does it feel the same way for you?

James: Except from the time I was feeling better, I would describe it exactly the same way you did.

Daryl: Do you think this psychopathically cruelty drug dealing is more cruel or helpful?

James: I think, after all I have stated, the answer is obvious: Its cruelty and inhumanity at its best.

Daryl: Is there something that you really think people should know?

James: For people who have not been affected, I would like them to know that doctors are not the people they think they are, especially psychiatrists.

I would strongly advise them to use the power of the most valuable tool of our era (internet) before trusting any doctor's recommendation for treatment.

Doctor's may be supposed to know more, but no one cares more about your health than your own self.

Don't let yourself find that out the hard way! Inform yourself and don't trust any "professional" blindly!

The video version of the transcripted interview on
 The Everyday PsychVictims Project 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

RXISK Issues $100,000 Prize for the Cure for PSSD and other enduring post-psychiatric drug damages

"This Prize is part of a two-pronged attack on the unwillingness of the medical and regulatory establishments to listen to people with adverse events in general – not just the sexual dysfunctions mentioned here. The second front in the attack will be unveiled in a few weeks’ time."

"The prize
We are following in the footsteps of the method that led to a solution to the famous Longitude problem in instituting a Prize.

The first step is to raise $100,000 toward a Prize for a Cure. We would like as many people as possible who are affected or related to someone who is affected to make a donation of $200 towards a target fund of $100,000.

As mentioned, solving this problem will likely make a major contribution to solving the enduring withdrawal syndromes that affect anyone taking antidepressants and antipsychotics. Five per cent of the populations of North America and Europe, and anywhere else where antidepressants are used on the same scale, are unable to get off treatment because of withdrawal problems – that is 50 million people in North America and Europe alone. Fifty million cents would be $500,000 – so a target of $100,000 seems more than reachable.

The Prize will be offered to anyone who finds a cure for PSSD, PFS or PRSD. This could be a doctor, a scientist, a drug company, a member of the public – anyone. There are no restrictions.

RxISK has several sufferers from each of these syndromes who have convincing enduring conditions. The Prize will be given if someone can bring about a restoration to normal, or very close to it, that endures in our volunteers.

There are several reasons why we chose to make this initiative about sexual dysfunction rather than other problems such as antidepressant withdrawal. Mainly because the time is right, and there is already a strong basis to build upon. As more than one type of drug is involved, there is also potentially a larger group of people to approach the problem from different angles."

Monday, 11 September 2017

Google Now Giving You Sexual Dysfunction

Yes Google gives you sexual dysfunction, via Pfizer. Via the same format of forms that parents eventually kicked out of their children's schools in the TeenScreen program in America, certain mentally unhygienic search results in Google will now prompt you for an appointment with your local doctor. A general drug dealer, the specialist at all life problems, such is their knowledge.

We all now know that Google and Facebook work in collaboration with our western governments to build data bases up against it's people... firstly without even collaboration with our governments! They hold our warfare data. Much like IBM did on the Jewish people for Adolf Hitler.

We should also all know, despite the heavy investment in 'mental health charities' and 'minds' and supposed 'suicide prevention' that causes erratic behavior and suicidal and homicidal behavior. The drug companies also work in deep collaboration with our western governments. Sometimes through global organisations set up by very devious psychiatrists including known Nazi's like the World Federation Of Mental Health (WFMH) through the World Health Organization (WHO)... Through the United Nations (The UN).

"Werner Villinger - German psychiatrist, educating the public"
World Federation Of Mental Health (WFMH) - The UN

Whilst also building up databases on us, supposedly taking care of our well being or more like taking care of hiding and covering up the amassed humanitarian crimes supposedly termed side effects. The drug companies also take care of and fund our drug regulators. As well as staff them, making sure we hear as little about them and even their obtuse existence as possible. As they are of course bedded with training our doctors and organizing our medical system. They also build up their own private crafts against us as well.

In fact Permanent Sexual Dysfunction from so called Antidepressants is not even mentioned on the leaflets, that was well taken care of... much like the homicidal inducing out of character states it induces in children, that later turned up in 'some court'. Apart from a small hint in some countries on just one SSRI prozac/fluoxetine leaflet worded like 'sometimes sexual dysfunction may occasionally persist after discontinuation'... as there is also an unspoken of 'discontinuation syndrome' bam wallopp by the doctor mafia. Who is there to help of course. Get your help. Not your street fix. You might survive an occasional street fix. But a long term expectation of brain chemistry altering chemicals every day without fail doesn't take a genius to work out you might get one of those. A 'discontinuation syndrome'. More commonly known to the heroin addict community as 'cold turkey'.

Soon the United Nations will over-ride the EU and its counterparts and we'll all be holding hands watching 'brave new world' and taking our sexual dysfunction happy pills on demand with a smile. Nothing like a World Health Organizations globe like symbol stretching its sweaty paws across the whole planets testicles for the rest of eternity. Prior resistance to the mental health state will very soon land you in jail if you don't speak out now.

Friday, 8 September 2017

1969 New York times article calling for sterilization in food

An interesting article with the real clippings from a 1969 New York Times article calling for filling certain peoples food supplies with chemicals that have sterilizing type effects.


"Researchers are now weaponizing this by engineering crops to produce specific RNA fragments that, upon ingestion by insects, initiate RNA interference to shut down a target gene essential for life or reproduction, killing or sterilizing the insects.

The technology is being touted as a way to avoid toxic pesticides. But this seems dishonest, since the agricultural chemical industry claims its pesticides and herbicides are completely harmless and non-toxic (which makes us wonder how they kill pests). But the greater concern is that RNA interference technology could be used to “weaponize” food against humans."

This is no real surprise to us, a quick look at the eugenics society lists a bunch of psychiatrists and MR John Harvey Kellogg as it's most prominent members... As well as Margaret Sanger (planned parenthood) and the creator of the welfare state William Beveridge in England that was adopted by the Labour government (Prime Minister Clement Attlee) straight after world war 2.

William Beveridge is recorded on record as saying "those men who through general defects are unable to fill such a whole place in industry are to be recognized as unemployable. They must become the acknowledged dependents of the State... but with complete and permanent loss of all citizen rights - including not only the franchise but civil freedom and fatherhood". 

The eugenics society is now known as the 'Galton institute'. Other prominent members you may recognize are Julian Huxley and Franz Josef Kallmann... as well as a very large list of psychologists and 'womens birth control state service advocates', or also known as the most prominent 'womens rights activists' at the time.

 SSRIs and other psychiatric drugs... like pesticides (that were originally discovered in nazi weapons labs) are loosely designed to disable neurotransmitter communication that shuts down a human nervous system. 

The doctor can't give you your body back, after he or she has taken it away. Coercion is key.
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